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As you may know Jamesway and Chick Master have joined forces, resulting in the combined power of two world-class brands – which will benefit everyone, especially our customers!

As one team, Jamesway delivers a world-class portfolio of products, processes, and people which we are applying to all aspects of our business.

One of the most significant advantages is our huge pool of shared knowledge, as our service and consulting teams join forces. With this, we have developed the Webinar Wednesday sessions.

These sessions will be presented in English at 11 AM (EST) with live Spanish interpretation, and feature topics and information designed for the entire poultry industry.  We invite guests from the industry and discuss the issues that are relevant to your hatchery.

Each webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes, with plenty of time for questions and answers following.

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Oportunidades perdidas en el control de calidad en plantas de incubación

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Missed Opportunities in Hatchery Quality Control

Most hatcheries implement some form of quality control (QC). This webinar will explore often overlooked aspects of QC, highlighting missed opportunities that can significantly affect hatch and chick quality.

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Mejore la ventilación de la planta de incubación: estrategias de mantenimiento eficaz de su equipo

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Enhancing Hatchery Ventilation: Strategies for Effective Maintenance of Your Equipment

Gain valuable insights into the often-overlooked maintenance practices critical for ensuring your hatchery equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Optimización de la ventilación para el desarrollo de embriones

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Optimizing Ventilation for Embryo Development

During this month's webinar, we explored the ventilation needs of a developing embryo, emphasizing the importance of maintaining consistent ventilation conditions.

El Poder de los datos y la transformación digital

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The Power of Data and Digital Transformation

This months webinar will discover how gathering and utilizing data can revolutionize hatchery management. Learn key strategies and tools to optimize operations and enhance productivity.

Cómo aprovechar al máximo la ovoscopia: fertilidad y más

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How to Get the Most Out of Egg Candling: Fertility and More

Learn more about how to candle eggs and why it’s important to track more than just fertile and unfertile eggs.

Análisis de residuos de nacimiento: deje que todos sus pollitos hablen con usted

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Hatch Residue Analysis: Let Your Chicks Talk to You

During the webinar, Dr. Bramwell discussed methods to evaluate hatchery performance by thorough evaluation of both hatched and unhatched fowl.

SPIDES: La respuesta al almacenamiento a largo plazo de huevos incubables

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SPIDES: The Answer to Long-Term Storage of Hatching Eggs

Henry Kohl discussed the SPIDES treatment method and how it can be used for long-term storage of hatching eggs.

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Equilibrando el bienestar de los pollitos y la eficiencia de la producción

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Balancing Chick Welfare and Production Efficiency

Dr. Shawna Weimer explored the scientific and practical aspects surrounding embryo and chick welfare in the hatchery.

The Importance of Understanding Hatchery Monitoring Software: Maestro and Hatchcom

Precisely monitoring the behavior of incubators, hatchers, and ventilation equipment is key to understanding your hatchery.

La importancia de comprender los softwares de monitoreo para plantas de incubación

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Bioseguridad en los Criaderos: Volviendo a lo Básico

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Biosecurity in the Hatchery: Returning to the Basics

Dr. Kalie Pettit discusses the importance of having a biosecurity program in place and she takes a look at the higher level approach of biosecurity in a hatchery.

The Importance of Hatchery Biosecurity

The main goal of any hatchery is to produce the highest quality chicks. Knowing how to keep your hatchery clean and free from pathogens and other foreign materials will help you achieve these results.

La importancia de la bioseguridad en plantas de incubación

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The Basics of Troubleshooting in a Hatchery

We're often asked what to look for when troubleshooting challenges in your hatchery. The answer always depends on the situation.

Fundamentos de la resolución de problemas en una planta de incubación

A menudo nos preguntamos qué buscar cuando solucionamos los problemas de su planta de incubación. La respuesta siempre depende de la situación.

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Ventilation: all seasons, all regions

Hatchery specialist, Chad Daniels, discusses how to manage your hatchery ventilation – for any geographic or seasonal challenge.

The Truth About the Hatch Window

How Important IS the Hatch Window?
Dr. Keith Bramwell puts on his embryologist 'hat' to discuss the importance of this short period of time.

Measure to Manage: The Future of Data in the Hatchery

Hatching eggs is just one part of the modern hatchery operation. Managing schedules, labor, shipments, maintenance and so much more, means that a manager needs tools to help keep everything aligned.

Medir para administrar: El future de los datos en la incubadora

Incubar huevos es solo una parte de la operación de la incubación moderna. Manejar horarios, trabajadores, transporte y mantenimiento involucra mucho más, es decir un gerente necesita herramientas que le permitan tener todo organizado y al día.

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Protecting Your Hatchery From Unseen Threats

Hatchery specialist Jason Cormick presents a frank discussion about biosecurity threats to your hatchery

“Protegiendo su incubadora de los peligros que usted no ve”.

Jason Cormick, especialista en incubadoras, discutirá los riesgos para la bio seguridad en sus incubadoras y como prepararse para prevenirlos. Este es tema es importante dada la epidemia de la gripa aviar que se ha esparcido en todo el mundo.

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Hatchery Signals with Dr. Sander Lourens

Referencing his new book "Hatchery Signals" Dr. Sander Lourens will discuss aspects of the incubation process based on the look-think-act approach.

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Incubation conditions and its affect on embryo development with Dr, Edgar Oviedo

Temperature and oxygen concentrations seem to be the more critical incubation factors that have been evaluated; however, other incubator parameters will be discussed.

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Time to learn some useful tools to help manage and run your Jamesway equipment.

This presentation discusses some helpful bits you may or may not already know which can really help to streamline your daily hatchery activities.

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Looking into the Hatch Window - Jason Cormick

Join us as Aviagen’s Hatchery Specialist, Jason Cormick discusses what the hatch window means for the hatchling

Q and A's on Ventilation

Everything you always wanted to know about Ventilation, but were afraid to ask.

Who is taking care of the Embryo?

Busy hatcheries may overlook the most important thing: the embryo

¿Quién se ocupa del embrión?

En el criadero actual hay muy poco tiempo para concentrarse en las necesidades del embrión.

Producing Platinum Chicks: Chick Vitality

Dr. Stewart Ritchie discusses the impact that chick vitality has on assessing flocks and how to help your hatchery develop Platinum chicks everytime. 

Fine Tune your hatchery Air and Pressure

There is more to hatchery ventilation than just air. The temperature, air pressure and humidity levels each contribute to the perfect hatchery ecosystem.

Automation in your Hatchery?

Gerry St. Pierre from Zoetis joins us to present the factors affecting the adoption of automation within the hatchery

¿Automatización en su planta de incubación?

Únase a nosotros para discutir los factores que afectan la adopción de la automatización dentro de la planta de incubación

Managing Metabolic Heat

The heat given off by modern egg packs can affect your profiles. Learn more.

Maintenance: the Art of a Worry Free Hatchery

Maintenance: the Art of a Worry Free Hatchery
Hatchery consultant Henry Kohl digs deeper into the best practices that are part of a Worry Free Hatchery.

Mantenimiento: el arte de una planta de incubación libre de preocupaciones!

Ernesto Acedevo, consultor de incubadoras, profundiza en las mejores prácticas que forman parte de una incubadora sin preocupaciones.

Halls and Plenum Ventilation: an Opportunity

The issue of how to best manage the air surrounding your machines. This webinar will be generic for all hatcheries.

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Ventilación de Salas y plenums: una oportunidad

Las salas y los plenums son parte del ecosistema de la planta de incubación y un manejo adecuado producirá resultados óptimos.
Para todos las plantas de incubación.

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Hatchery Success: What makes a good Egg Pack?

Jamesway’s Embryologist and Hatchery Consultant Manager, Dr. Keith Bramwell, discusses what you can do to ensure that the your egg pack is solid.

The Data Driven Hatchery

In a hatchery you collect large amounts of data.
What are you doing with it?

Equipping Your Hatchery for Success

With the frequent rotation of hatchery management throughout the poultry industry, some of the age-old practices of solid hatchery management are getting lost.

Clues in your Hatch Residue - Part II

Dr. Bramwell, Phillip Perry and Henry Kohl go even deeper into Hatch Residue.

Hatch residue breakout: finding clues for a better hatch

Dr. Keith Bramwell takes a close look at the residue breakout with specific examples.

Keeping it Clean!

Join us for a discussion on biosecurity and sanitation in the hatchery with this week's special guest, Tommy Lively from Cobb-Vantress.  Tommy gives us the best industry perspective on how to handle this essential issue for hatchery management: keeping it clean.

Turning During Incubation

Turning: A Closer Look.: We welcome Mike Wineland as we dig deeper into the science and importance of Turning in the Incubation Process. Dr. Keith Bramwell will host a live Q & A session following the presentation. As always, every registrant will receive a copy of the presentation and a link to the recording. Q and A session to follow.

Los invitamos a que se unan a nuestro expositor invitado el Dr. Eduardo Costa, Director de Incubadoras en América del Sur de Cobb, con su plática “Efectos de la planta de incubación en la calidad del pollito BB”. El Dr. Costa junto a nuestro anfitrión el Dr. Mauricio Carvajal abordarán puntos importantes enfocados en ayudarles a evitar manejos de impacto negativo en la planta incubadora, los cuales comprometen la productividad y calidad del pollito bebe.

The Physics of Incubation

We welcome a very special guest for our next presentation as Dr. Ron Meijerhof joins Webinar Wednesday to discuss the physics of Incubation. Recognized as an expert in managing the practical balances of heat, ventilation and moisture during incubation, his insights into our industry will be very interesting. Ron has had a very active career in basic research in regards to incubation as well as many years of practical experience in the hatchery itself.

Profiling with Jamesway

"More information on Profiles!". We respond to the most requested topic from our viewers, as we look more closely at Incubation Profiles and how they can help you to optimize your hatch.
Drawing on over 26 years in the industry, Jamesway Consultant, Phillip Perry will take you through the theories behind hatch profiles and how to set them.

Talking Turkey Incubation

Jamesway Consultant, Phillip Perry, uses his 26 years in the industry to delve into the particular details of successfully hatching poults and how to optimize the results of a turkey hatchery.

What about the DUCK?

This week we are turning our attention to our web-footed friends.  Henry Kohl will draw on his 24 years of experience in the duck industry as he discusses issues specific to the duck and goose hatcheries.

La vacunación en la incubadora

Presentando al Doctor Tarsicio Villalobos Director de Servicios Técnicos para Biodevice de Zoetis, quien nos guiara a través de los diferentes aspectos que impactan la vacunación en la incubadora, y discutiendo lo que usted necesita saber para obtener los mejores resultados del programa de vacunación en su incubadora.

About the Chick – Part One: The Hatchery

Dr. Aline Kuntze, Aviagen Hatchery Incubation Specialist, joins Dr. Keith Bramwell to discuss chick quality in the hatchery.

About the Chick – Part Two: On the Farm

About the Chick. A two part series featuring special guests from Aviagen. ⠀⠀⠀
Part Two: The First 7 Days on the Farm with Dr. Scott Gillingham, Canadian Regional Business Consultant. Aviagen NA.⠀⠀
The first seven days can make or break your chicken raising success! It is important to understand, what you do affects the flock: you cannot manage what you do not measure. Dr. Gillingham will discuss the best practices for your chicks as they first experience life on the farm and how to transition your chicks to their new environment so they can thrive. For more information on Scott please watch the youtube video “Broiler Brooding Best Management Practices”.⠀⠀

"Manejo del Calor Metabolico" Incubando al Embrion Moderno

Nuestro anfitrión el Ing. Ernesto Acevedo le dará la bienvenida a nuestro Director de Ventas para Latinoamérica y Europa el Dr. Jesus Campa, el cual nos hablara de cómo manejar el calor metabólico de los embriones modernos, Sabemos que el embrión ha cambiado mucho en las últimas décadas, ¿pero estamos realmente haciendo los ajustes necesarios en el proceso de incubación para obtener la mejor productividad de las líneas genéticas actuales? .

Don't be Alarmed by your Alarms

Join us as Jamesway’s Technician, Vance Benda, discusses the alarms in your hatchery, how to maintain and test them and how to rely on them so you can sleep well at night.

The Hatchery Manager's Manager

Manage all your machines and your rooms from one interface. Tips for how to get the most of the software as well as a product overview of the newest updates.

Mantenimiento: La clave del balance en los equipos Multietapa

El próximo Miércoles nos acompañara el Ing. Ernesto Acevedo, gerente de servicio Jamesway para Latino América, El Caribe & España, con su charla ‘’Mantenimiento: La clave del balance en los equipos Jamesway Multietapa’’. De la mano del Dr. Bramwell se discutirá como obtener los mejores resultados con su equipo Jamesway Multietapa, por favor acompáñenos y déjenos saber todas sus preguntas y recomendaciones.

Hatchery Ventilation

This Special Edition Webinar Wednesday features Jamesway Hatchery Specialist, Phillip Perry, and his analysis of hatchery ventilation.

Desarrollo Embrionario y su Incubacion.

En el webinar del miércoles de esta semana, el Dr. Jesús Campa y el invitado especial el Dr. Mauricio Carvajal, discuten los conceptos básicos del desarrollo embrionario. Una vista detallada de como sus huevos se transforman durante su permanencia en la incubadora y nacedora y una visión de como ayudar en este proceso. Al final de la transmisión en vivo nuestro se unirá a nuestros panelistas el Embriologo el Dr Keith Bramwell para contestar sus preguntas. webinars@jamesway.com

S.P.I.D.E.S. and Egg Storage

This week Hatchery Specialist, Henry Kohl, joins Dr. Keith Bramwell to discuss how to manage your egg packs. After over 30 years in the industry, managing hatcheries, Henry has a lot of expertise to share.


Los Especialistas en incubación y El Dr. Jesus Campa, Director de Ventas, se unen a Mauricio Carvajal para discutir cómo administrar su paquete de huevos fértiles. Durante estos tiempos difíciles, muchas plantas incubadoras tienen que administrar sus huevos de nuevas maneras. Descubre los beneficios de S.P.I.D.E.S. y las técnicas de almacenamiento de su paquete de huevos fértiles para obtener los mejores resultados de eclosión.

Optimizing your Single-Stage Hatchery

It is time to focus on our Single-Stage Machines. Find out how to fine tune and troubleshoot your Platinum machines with Hatchery Expert Henry Kohl. Henry outlines basic maintenance and procedures for improving the performance of your machines, then he and host, Dr. Keith Bramwell, answer questions.

Es hora de centrarnos en nuestras máquinas de Etapa Única

Descubra cómo afinarlas y solucionar los problemas de sus máquinas Platinum con el experto en incubadoras Ernesto Acevedo. Una vez que Ernesto haya descrito el mantenimiento básico y los procedimientos para mejorar el rendimiento de sus máquinas, él y el anfitrión, el Dr. Mauricio Carvajal se unirá al Dr. Keith Bramwell para responder sus preguntas. webinar@jamesway.com

Alimentación Temprana,

El anfitrión Ing. Ernesto Acevedo dará la bienvenida al Director de Ventas de LA y Europa de Jamesway, Dr. Jesús Campa, mientras discuten el tema de “Alimentación Temprana Mito o Realidad”. Seguido de una sesión de preguntas y respuestas. Únase a nosotros utilizando este enlace.

Optimizing Your MS Hatchery PP

This video features guest Phillip Perry, Jamesway Hatchery Specialist and a resident expert on tuning and using multi-stage machines.

Troubleshooting Your Hatchery

Dr. Keith Bramwell and Hatchery Consultant Henry Kohl discuss troubleshooting for your hatchery.

The Hatchery Audit – With Kirk Dawkins

Jamesway's Sales Rep for Eastern U.S., Kirk Dawkins, joins host Victoria Frail to discuss how to get the best scores on your hatchery audit.

The Hatch Window, HatchSense and the Hatcher

Jamesway's Hatchery Consultant, Phillip Perry, joins Victoria Frail to discuss the hatch window and Jamesway's HatchSense, a tool that helps to ensure the hatch window is as narrow as possible. More tips on how to get the highest quality Platinum Chicks.

Practical Hatchery Management with Henry Kohl

A successful hatchery is like a 3 legged stool. It requires a good management team, good maintenance and a good staff.

What are some practical things to keep this 3 legged stool from tipping over? Join Jamesway’s Hatchery Consultant Henry Kohl and Victoria Frail to discuss this very relevant topic including:
what a good management team looks like.
what good hatchery maintenance looks like.
what it takes to have a good hourly staff.

June 19, 2019 - Managing a multi-generational workforce

Join Jamesway's Sales Manager, David Hammond, to hear his observation and suggestion on how to deal with the challenges and rewards of managing today's multi-generational workforce.

Sanitation for the Hatchery

University of Guelph Professor, Dr, Keith Warriner, talks about the science behind sanitation for your hatchery.

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