Setters and Hatchers

Jamesway's single-stage and multi-stage incubation systems are industry leaders for a reason: the most effective designs translate into the most reliable, easy-to-use and energy-efficient machines.


The cornerstone of a worry-free hatchery. See how the Platinum 3 product line balances advanced technology with user-friendly features to produce the perfect environment for eggs and chicks.

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Our signature pneumatic turning is
active on each trolley to ensure a
consistent turning angle for every tray.

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Plan a Jamesway Single -Stage hatchery without the bricks and mortar costs of replacing building and flats. The XCM is designed to fit over the Chick Master multi-stage footprint.

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AirWay - Complete Climate Control

No one knows hatchery ventilation better than Jamesway Chick Master Incubator and to effectively manage your hatchery products we have a specialized department: AirWay - Complete Climate Control. Our ventilation systems harness the latest technology and are customizable to deliver the best configuration for your needs. From 'plug and play' to heat recovery solutions, we are there to make sure that you have the perfect hatchery ecosystem.

Ventilation solutions

Learn more about our complete and versatile AirWay Ventilation Systems. Three options to match every ventilation requirement.

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Energy Efficiency

Efficiency for you and the planet. Our machines are the most energy-efficient on the market and operate 50-80% more efficiently than our closest competitor. Your bottom line is important to us and spending less to run your hatchery just makes sense.

The Green Hatchery

Learn more about our solutions for a greener, more energy-efficient hatchery.

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Jamesway Platinum 2.0 Incubators are uniquely suited for vaccine production and are the world's leading supplier to that industry. The largest names in the pharmaceutical world are among our customers for some very solid reasons.

Vaccination Solutions

Learn more about our vaccination solutions.

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Egg Storage Machines - "SPIDES"

More and more information is accumulating proving that how you store your eggs has a profound impact on chick quality. Jamesway Chick Master once again provides the perfect solutions. Egg holding machines specifically designed to perform "short periods of incubation during storage" to ensure your embryos remain robust and viable.

Egg Storage

Learn more about our egg storage machines.

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Turkeys and Ducks

Jamesway now features a line of machines and accessories tailored to the unique needs of the T&D market. It is no coincidence that the United States accounts for 90% of the world’s turkey production, and 80% of those are hatched in Jamesway machines. Clearly we know what we're doing!

Turkey and Duck Solutions

Discover single-stage incubation solutions for turkeys and ducks.

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