Planning and Design

Constructing a new hatchery or modifying an existing one involves many crucial decisions, each playing an important role in your overall success. We offer expert support so that you can make the right decisions and avoid unexpected problems and unnecessary costs right from the start.

Meticulous planning

Constructing a hatchery is a multi-faceted and complicated project. Each phase has its own specific challenges and requirements. Jamesway Incubator helps plan the entire project, from design to construction and installation.

Customized hatchery design

We provide custom hatchery design, as well as design services specific to ventilation and water heating or cooling requirements. Our experienced staff provides advice and assistance to ensure high hatchability and chick quality.

Technical advice and assistance

Our staff has years of experience in the poultry industry. They are always ready to provide advice and assistance to create good operating conditions to ensure healthy chicks.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Our products are easy to install, and we have certified installation supervisors to ensure quick and trouble-free installation in any environment.

Worry-free installation

No need to worry about the installation of our equipment. Jamesway Incubator’s installation supervisors ensure your crew installs the machine quickly, efficiently and effectively. All of our equipment is easily connected to water, air and electrical power supply.

Certified installation supervisors

Jamesway Incubator provides certified installation supervisors, who have completed training to master every part of the installation process.

Supervision of installation on site

Need assistance during the installation of our equipment? Our certified installation supervisors oversee and guide the installation works on site to ensure that all of the equipment is installed correctly and efficiently.

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Extensive Support

We offer extensive after-sales support to ensure worry free management and operation of the hatchery following installation.

Troubleshooting advice

We offer advice via telephone to help solve any possible problem with our equipment. If the problem requires on-site investigation, we send our technical consultants to the site to provide expert troubleshooting advice.

Spare parts ordering and delivery

We offer a wide choice of durable spare parts. With decades of experience in shipping, we quickly provide you with a replacement part to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Hatchery assessment

What is the status of the current equipment? Is the equipment performing at its best? How well-trained is the hatchery staff? Jamesway Incubator offers a hatchery assessment to identify opportunities to increase your output or lower your costs.

Training and coaching

Once the incubator and other hatchery equipment are installed, we help train the operators and coach the hatchery managers to ensure that the full potential of the equipment is exploited.

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24/7 Hatchery Help Hot Line!

Adding to your peace of mind, we have our Platinum Response Team standing by 24/7 so that your calls will always be answered. From anywhere in the world!

The Platinum Response Team is staffed by our Jamesway Service Technicians who offer around-the-clock support to help you with your urgent hatchery issues.

Just call: +1 226 765 0210