Setters and Hatchers

Chick Master Multi-Stage machines are an industry-standard the world over. They are not called 'The Classic' without earning the title. Solid and dependable, hatcheries have been using variations on the Classic for over 40 years. Modern upgrades and controls continue to make the Classic a popular choice for a multi-stage hatchery.


The Avida Symphony is designed to maximize airflow in order to optimize the incubation process and hatchability. Discover why the Avida Symphony is the ideal investment and best performing incubation system on the market.

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Launched in 1959 and refined ever since. See how our machines have set the industry standard for multi-stage incubation.

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Airway - Complete Climate Control

No one knows hatchery ventilation better than Jamesway Chick Master Incubator and to effectively manage your hatchery products we have a specialized department: Airway - Complete Climate Control. Our ventilation systems harness the latest technology and are customizable to deliver the best configuration for your needs. From 'plug and play' to heat recovery solutions, we are there to make sure that you have the perfect hatchery ecosystem.

Ventilation solutions

Learn more about our complete and versatile Airway Ventilation Systems. Three options to match every ventilation requirement.

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The Encore System

Encore by Chick master provides a dedicated egg warming and cooling chamber to raise or reduce the temperature of the entire egg mass evenly, efficiently and economically.

Dedicated Egg Warming and Cooling Chamber

Learn more about the Encore system from Chick Master.

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