Single-Stage Incubation Accessories

HatchSense Monitor/Booster – Shorter hatch window to produce healthier chicks

This tool senses when the first chicks start to hatch. It then performs a series of immediate and automatic profile adjustments to ensure the health of the chicks—not only on the first day, but throughout the entire grow-out period.

Windows – Monitor eggs without opening doors

The optional windows allow personnel to see inside the machine without opening doors. As a result, the eggs and chicks can be monitored without losing precious heat, CO2 or compromising bio-security.

Hatchery Accessories

High Temperature Back-up Alarm System – Monitor critical operating temperatures

This accessory provides an independent method for monitoring and alerting operators of abnormally high operating temperatures, specified by the customer, in a specific incubator or hatcher.

Hatchcom 4 – Monitor and control multiple incubators and hatchers centrally

This management tool enables the monitoring and control of all incubators and hatchers on site, including machine status viewing, historical data storage and analysis, and profile management. Guardian ventilation control system can also be interfaced into Hatchcom, putting all your hatchery data in your hands.

Hatchery Disinfectant System – Increase bio-security in the hatchery

This system automatically applies pre-programmed disinfectants as required, enabling hatchery personnel to eliminate disease-producing microorganisms for improved bio-security in the hatchery.

Egg Transport Accessories

SST Egg Transport System – Transport twice as many eggs from farm to hatchery

The self-stacking tray (SST) transport system doubles the amount of eggs that a typical transport vehicle can carry from the farm to the hatchery. It is compatible with all Jamesway Incubator/Farm Racks, and the eggs in the SST flats can also be palletized for maximum transport capacity.

Egg flats – Protect eggs against breakage and contamination

Our easy-to-handle and durable egg flats help protect against breakage and contamination from the moment the eggs leave the farm. Egg flats are available in a variety of capacities to suit specific hatchery requirements: 36, 42, 77, 84 (traditional and SST) and 168 for chicken; 25, 30 (regular and SST) and 60 for turkey and duck. For eggs travelling long distances, consider Jamesway’s SST system, filling trucks fuller while better protecting the eggs available in 30, 60 and 80 flats.

Plastic Trays – Reduce egg damage during transfer

Jamesway's plastic baskets/trays are manufactured from high-impact polypropylene copolymer for improved rigidity, lighter weight and improved stacking, resulting in fewer damaged eggs. The plastic will not corrode, and the lighter color facilitates quick visual inspection of cleaning. The plastic baskets/trays are also designed with more open area on the sides and bottom for better ventilation.

Paperless Chick Box – Eliminate the need for paper

Jamesway's Chick Box design eliminates the need for paper or pads in the bottom of the box. It is made of a polyethylene material that makes it durable and easy to clean. A uniquely designed floor grid gives the chick superb toehold and comfort. The box is nestable and stackable. The box bottom is raised off the floor and protects the birds' toes when sliding the box over a surface. There is a special basket designed specifically with turkeys in mind which caters to the unique issues with larger birds.

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