Enjoy the benefits of single-stage without rebuilding your hatchery

Tune your production to market demand. The XCM is a large capacity incubator (105,000 eggs). However, if you do not always need full capacity, you can easily do a partial set. The consistent air flow inside the machine ensures the best possible environment for both full and partial sets.

The best care for your embryos

The XCM features the industry proven benefits of single-stage incubator technology: increased biosecurity, more flexible hatchery management, better hatchability, higher quality chicks, lower mortality, higher feed conversion and yield.  Real world hatchery testing has proven the XCM can improve hatchability over the Chick Master multi-stage machines by over 3%.

Load, then start

Once you’ve loaded the single-stage machine you can immediately start the incubation process, or decide to program it for a delayed start at the time of your preference.

Improve chick quality

Chicks incubated in an XCM incubator have better developed organs than in multi-stage systems: longer bones, larger heart, bigger gut and smaller yolk sac. They have a lower first 10 day mortality rate as well.

More Eggs Per Cycle

The XCM can process up to 17% more eggs in a hatch cycle than the existing Chick Master multi-stage machines by using a higher density egg pack utilizing 40 columns and 16 tier racks.

Enhance biosecurity

Single-stage machines do not have to be opened during the incubation process until transfer, reducing the risk of contamination. In addition, the machines are emptied every eighteen days allowing for full disinfection whereas multi-stage systems are rarely empty. Field trials show an improved hatchrate of 4%

Reduce labor cost

With single-stage machines, the racks can be loaded during normal business hours and then stored in the machine with incubation pre-programmed to start at any time, day or night.

Lower Energy Cost

All Jamesway incubators are the most energy efficient single-stage in the market.  Variable speed fan technology helps the XCM use approximately 30% less energy than Chick Master multi-stage machines.

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SUB (Sealed Utility Box)

But the most revolutionary part of the XCM design is the SUB (Sealed Utility Box). We have put all the controls and delicate instruments inside a NEMA 4x sealed enclosure, safe from chemicals and water. With quick disconnects and simplicity of wiring the SUB makes for very easy installation, operation and maintenance. And we have it equipped with parts that are standardized, certified and easily available.

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