Tunisia: A New Country for Jamesway!

23 April 2018
Category: News
Tunisia News

The Miamys Poultry Company from Tunis, Tunisia will be purchasing Jamesway Multi-Stage machines for their upcoming hatchery project. The contract was signed, with some ceremony, at the Canadian Embassy in Tunisia this week with Canadian Trade Commissioner, Philippe Armengau, in attendance. Jamesway is proud to be adding another country to their list of over 180 international clients.

The large Tunisian company has been involved with breeder, turkey and layer production and will be expanding with this new hatchery. The decision to use Jamesway was solidified after a successful visit to Poland where the Miamys Team was able to tour the Cedrob Hatchery, the largest hatchery in the world and an enthusiastic Jamesway client. Along with a complete line of setters and hatchers, the Tunisian operation will also feature some of Jamesway’s Automatic Hatchery equipment and Hatchcom Data Retrieval System.