Great Airflow for Uniform Temperatures

Designed for optimal airflow between egg trays and chick baskets with a single trolley between the fan and the wall. Trays are perpendicular to the paddle fan providing a clear and efficient airflow for uniform temperatures over each egg.

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True Modular Design for Accurate Zonal Control

Up to four zones per system (4 or 6 trolleys per zone) provide complete control of temperature, humidity, and airflow dynamics. Individual temperature zones to optimize uniform hatchability.

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ROCK Control System* with Center Panel Access

Access any feature of the incubation system with the ROCK control system. Measure the temperature of the air going to and from the egg mass and maintains a consistent differential for a more stable environment and increased performance. Self-adjusting variable frequency drives and modulating cooling valves result in less energy consumption.

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Egg Trays

Extensive selection of egg trays for chicken, duck and turkey.

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Simple Modular Pneumatic Turning System

Each trolley has a direct connection with the turning mechanism to ensure a consistent turning angle for every tray.

Floor turning easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

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Download our corporate brochure to learn more about the capabilities, features and specs of our products.

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