New Sales Manager, Asia Pacific Sales

07 February 2017
Category: News
Asia and Pacific News

Jamesway welcomes Ignacio Navarro as our New Manager of Asia and Pacific Sales; an area extending from Pakistan to New Zealand, including Japan and China. Mr. Navarro, who hails from Barcelona, has a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health and has a Masters in both International Commerce and Marketing. He has lived in the UK, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia and worked in export sales and sales management positions over the last 15 years.

Navarro has a solid background in the food industry, working with Spanish companies such as ANABIOL, NOVUS InGASO (Animal Nutrition) and ARUAS Poultry Equipment S. A. and DAGI S. A. (Farm Equipment and Ventilation), and has rounded out his work experience with a brief time in health care. He also ran/operated his own import/export company. Throughout his career, he has gained an excellent understanding of the business climate in the region and accumulated knowledge of many of the major food companies that are also Jamesway clients. Mr. Navarro believes that his background and understanding of the incubation process, combined with his sales experience will help him to create the solid relationships that Jamesway forms with its customer base.

Christopher Omiecinski, President of Jamesway, states “We are very excited to welcome Ignacio to our international sales team. Not only will he bring a tighter focus on customer relationship quality to our sales team, but he will also be a great spokesman for our company as we expand into new regions.”