New Hatchery in Sichuang Province, China

05 January 2017
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China News

Xingwen Fengxiang, Mountain Dark-Bone Chicken Development Co., Ltd announces a new hatchery in Sichuang Province which will use Jamesway’s Chinese produced Gold Line machines. This operation will be designed to hatch a locally bred chicken and will include GGP Chick, GP Chick and PS Chick in its breeding chain. Jamesway was chosen from a field of four competitors because of the quality of their machines and the depth of knowledge and experience that they bring to the project. The Jamesway single-stage machines have made a big impact in China as they have been proven to save energy and their local production means that parts and service are very easy to obtain.

Key factors in the decision to use Jamesway were the company’s advanced hatch technical training sessions, convenient local service in China and the practical application of advanced hatchery experience into the design of our machines. Also impressive to the hatchery development team was the fact that any of our single-stage machines can do S.P.I.D.E.S. storage without special equipment. Their initial project includes 9 incubators and 4 hatchers.