More Poultry for China, Please!

06 April 2022
Category: News

The demand for quality poultry in China is huge and Shandong Yisheng Livestock and Poultry Breeding Company is up to the challenge as it proudly opened a new hatchery in Shandong Province last winter. This is their fifth project involving Jamesway Platinum machines with another coming later this year.

The Yisheng hatchery has almost 500 machines, all in the Platinum family producing up to 8 million DO broiler chicks a week.  The Jamesway machines produce excellent hatches for the valuable GP and PS stock as well as commercial chicks. The latest installation was for 54 P120 and 18 P60 Platinum 2.0 machines.

Director of Incubation, Mr. Du is very pleased with the performance of his new hatchery and the Jamesway Chick Master equipment in particular noting the excellent ability to save and analyze incubation data such as temperature, humidity, and CO2, as well as tracking the water flow, pressure, etc. He also appreciates that the high-density footprint of the P2 takes less space which significantly saved construction costs.  The machines are, according to Mr. Du, easy to install, maintain and operate, but his favorite aspect is how efficient it is to run a Jamesway hatchery. The ventilation in the cabinets is uniform and stable, the design reduces dependency on low-temperature cooling and the removable ECU makes the machines very easy to completely clean.

For more information watch this great video made by the Yisheng Team. Click Here

Mr. Du and the new Platinum Machines