Kenchic in Kenya – increasing it's stable of Jamesway Platinums

17 July 2019
Category: News

In 2013 Kenya’s Kenchic Poultry was the first company in Africa to install Jamesway’s Platinum Single-Stage Incubator and Hatcher at their huge hatchery in Athi River. That relationship continues to grow and this year Kenchic is augmenting their Nairobi hatchery with 3 of the largest Platinum Incubators. The double depth Jamesway P120 is an industrial superstar, with an ability to hatch 129,000 eggs per set. It is powered by two banks of 3 speed fans (4 fans each) which efficiently and effectively distribute perfectly adjusted air throughout the machine. Controlled by Jamesway’s Hatchcom 4, the most reliable machines on the market can be programmed and run via any computer or table. The latest upgrade also allows the software to control ventilation machines as well. These machines will increase the weekly output of the hatchery by +360,000 eggs per week.

Kenchic is the largest poultry company in Kenya and it has sister companies in Tanzania (Interchick) and Zimbabwe (Hybrid Poultry), who also use Jamesway equipment. At its inception, the company’s main activity was the production of broiler and layer day old chicks. Over the years the company has expanded operations to include processed chicken and further processed products. The quality and output from the Kenchic hatcheries have created a strong reputation and brand and the company continues to lead the market, adhering strongly to their ‘farm to fork’ program of producing the best product; literally from the hatchery to the table.