Jamesway Supplies Equipment for Major New Hatchery in Poland

17 March 2016
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Eastern Europe News

Cedrob president Andrzej Gozdzikowski and Jamesway president Chris Omiecinski met this week to officially sign a deal for a new hatchery in the village of Kossobudy. The project will see Jamesway supplying 120 Platinum 2.0 incubators and 72 Platinum 2.0 hatchers for an operation in east-central Poland, which will have a capacity for 5.1 million eggs a week. It will be built in one stage and will be fully operational by early 2018.

This endeavor represents the fourth Cedrob-Jamesway project since Cedrob first purchased Jamesway equipment in 2004. They have since invested in equipment for a single-stage hatchery in 2010 and later increased the capacity of that facility in 2014 to an annual output of 165,000,000 eggs.

Says Gozdzikowski “we know Jamesway, we know the support. It was an easy decision”.

Cedrob is a multi-family owned business with headquarters in Ciechanow, Poland and is one of the largest poultry producers in the country. They will celebrate 25 years in business in August this year.

The project reflects Cedrob’s confidence in the Jamesway brand and enhances Jamesway Incubator’s position as one of the foremost suppliers of industrial hatcheries in the world.

From left to right Radosław Szymczak: Maintenance Director, Mariusz Pawesky: Hatchery Director, Chris Omiecinski: Jamesway President, Andrzej Gozdzikowski: Cedrob President and Jozef Sieluzycki: Director of Operating Investments.