Jamesway Incubators Beijing

05 February 2016
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China News

Jamesway Announces the Formation of Jamesway Incubator Beijing Co. Ltd.

Formerly known as FPS Co.Ltd., Jamesway has proudly incorporated its Chinese manufacturing facility under the new title: Jamesway Incubator Beijing Co. Ltd. This move and the increased investment in the Chinese market reflect Jamesway’s commitment to growth in that part of the world.

“This confirmation of our long standing presence in this market reflects our strategy and commitment to this dynamic area of the world. We believe that the reliability and performance of the Jamesway machine is a perfect fit in Asia and the Orient” says Chris Omiecinski, President of Jamesway.

Jamesway machines are uniquely geared to supply the Asian markets with quality chicks and ducklings. As the market leader in North America, Jamesway is confident that, by bringing their trusted technology to China, they will also become Asia’s partner for a worry-free hatchery.