Irvine’s Botswana and Jamesway

18 July 2019
Category: Events

Irvine’s Poultry Company of South Africa has been producing chicken in Southern Africa since the 1950s and has grown from a single room in a home to producing over 1,5 million day-old chicks per week across Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Irvine’s will be installing new Jamesway equipment at their facility in Botswana. The project will add 3 Platinum P60 Incubators and 2 P30 Hatchers to their existing stable of Jamesway machines with a combined output of 193,536 per week. The Irvine’s facility is the largest in the country and this expansion will increase its yearly broiler production from 20 million to 23 million eggs per year, with an eye to increasing exports outside of the country.