Hendrix Genetics Opening in Nebraska

23 August 2017
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Hendrix Genetics Opens State-of-the-Art Hatchery in Nebraska

Gov. Pete Ricketts was on hand Tuesday to help celebrate the opening of Hendrix Genetics’ new hatchery in Grand Island. The $18.5 million facility covers 20 acres in the northeast section of Grand Island’s Platte Valley Industrial Park. Jamesway was pleased to attend the grand opening as supplier of the Incubation, Hatching and Ventilation. “It is a fantastic state-of-the-art facility for this hatchery,” said Ricketts, who toured the facility with Nebraska Department of Agriculture Director Greg Ibach. Attending the ceremony was Antoon van den Berg, chief executive officer of Hendrix Genetics.

“This is a showcase for the company,” van den Berg said.

This very well publicized project aims to develop the local markets of the area and is heavily endorsed by the local governments. This 24 million layer chick hatchery is supplied with Jamesway Platinum 2.0 Single-Stage incubators and hatchers. The hatchery demonstrates the commitment of Hendrix Genetics in serving the US-market with premium quality day-old layer chicks. The site was chosen for its’ prime location which will allow a chick to be delivered anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours of hatching.
Jamesway, was an easy choice for machine supplier especially considering their focus on biosecurity. The Platinum 2.0 with its removable ECU allows the entire machine to be fully disinfected in minutes, making it the most biosecure machine on the market. Jamesway also supplied the HVAC systems. The facility is installing 30 P120 incubators and 18 P40 hatchers.

From Left to Right: Jason Anderson; Area Sales Manager for Jamesway, Jim McKay; Sales Director for the Americas at Jamesway, Peter Mumm; Director of Business Development, Doug Metzler; General Manager, Dominic Babineau; Soteck

Based in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, Hendrix Genetics is a privately-held, international multi-species breeding company with activities in layer, turkey, swine, traditional poultry and aquaculture breeding. The layer Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics breeds pure line layers in seven R&D centers, located in Canada, France and the Netherlands, and produces parent stock of day-old chicks in five main production centers, located in Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, France and Indonesia.