Hatching Energy Efficiency and Eggs at the Same Time

20 December 2017
Category: News

Jamesway is very proud to be involved with a new hatchery in Guatemala, which will be totally powered by solar energy.

Incubadora Regional in the municipality of Escuintla opened their new hatchery on December 6, 2017. The hatchery will have an output of 362,880 eggs per week and the most amazing part is that it will be totally solar powered. Roberto Ordonez, owner of the family operated hatchery, welcomed guests to the gala at the hatchery and proudly displayed the solar panels and Jamesway machines. Jesus Campa, Sales Manager for Jamesway’s Latin American region says “this is a special project and we are really happy to be involved with it. Incubadora Regional has been a valued client of Jamesway since 1980.”

As one of the first totally solar powered hatcheries in the world, there will be a great deal of interest in following this hatchery’s progress and success. There are two thousand square meters of solar cells which are anticipated to produce 100% of the hatchery’s electrical needs.