Fakieh Farms new extension has great first hatch result

04 May 2018
Category: News

Fakieh Farms Celebrates First Hatch at Shaddad Expansion with Jamesway Machines

Jamesway and Fakieh Farms, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest poultry producers, were very pleased with the first hatch from a newly expanded project in Makkeh City: the Shaddad Hatchery. This expansion to one of their original hatcheries involved 10 Platinum P120 single-stage incubators and 6 Platinum P40 hatchers. The expansion increased the company’s total output to one million chicks per day. The first hatch had an impressive ‘hatch of fertile’ rate of 92%. For over 40 years Fakieh Farms has entrusted their hatching requirements to Jamesway Incubator Company and all five hatcheries use Jamesway equipment exclusively.

Fakieh will be sending staff for special training in Canada this September to prepare for their next project, the biggest hatchery in the Middle East, which is in the planning stages now. It will hatch 250 million eggs per year from one facility. Jamesway is proud to be their partner in this massive project as well.

“Our relationship with Jamesway has continued to be a satisfying experience. We know that with Jamesway we have equipment that will last for years and a partner who will help us to succeed. It is a guaranteed investment. ” says Mohammad Muneer, General Manager of Hatcheries for Fakieh Farms.

Since its foundation nearly sixty years ago in Mecca, Fakieh Farms has been committed to and recognized for producing outstanding poultry meat, characterized by great flavor and quality. Today it occupies a leading position among the giant hatchery companies in the Middle East, and is one of the largest integrated poultry projects in the world, giving the consumer healthy and fresh products at an affordable price.