CM Series

CM Series is available for the Chick Master footprint.

The trademark zonal incubation system, paddle fans and footprint of the Chick Master Avida machines, but re-imagined with functions and features designed to make your hatchery work much easier.









On Trolley Turning

Our signature pneumatic turning is
active on each trolley to ensure a
consistent turning angle for every
tray. Simplified mechanics allow
for improved performance while
reduced surface area ensures a
more thorough cleaning, reducing
bio security risks.

Paddle Fan Design

Variable frequency drive for adjustable fan speed and improved energy efficiency.

Easy Programming

Large 12” color HMI screen and intuitive interface.

Enhanced Door Seals

Essential for consistent environmental control.

Zonal Control

Up to 4 individual zones per system for accurate control of humidity and airflow dynamics.

360 Easy Hatchery Management:

The new digital platform that unlocks full
potential and power of data in the