CAHE China – Jamesway taps into the needs of the Asian Market

02 June 2017
Category: News
China News

It was exciting to be at the CAHE show in China this past month. The energy in the poultry market is tremendous and there is a real demand for educated answers and designs for the Asian market. The market is expanding very quickly and the investors want to know that they can trust their investments to companies that care about their success. The attendance was amazing and proves that this market is ready to grow, and grow quickly. Our intention at the show was to affirm Jamesway’s leadership in the market in terms of poultry incubation.

We have thousands of clients in Asia who have used Jamesway for 30 to 80 years, and we are the only incubator-making company that has production facilities in China incorporating the international quality standards of Canada, Europe and America. That’s very important as we are helping hatcheries to grow, and certain facilities, especially small scale farming or hatcheries that do not require much investment, now have the possibility to access Jamesway equipment for their production lines.

We offer clients premium equipment for their hatcheries. They want a product that guarantees quality and outstanding performance. Our incubators and hatchers are designed to work in the high heat and humidity of the Asian environment and our HVAC solutions are second to none.

A company that wants to compete in this world can never stop innovating so we continue to invest in our technologies. Improving our products is a non-stop process when you are at the top of the market offering the best products using the best technology.