Data Loggers

Provides temperature, humidity, and shock traceability from farm to hatchery

– Fits all Chick Master chicken and turkey trays
– Easy to use PC software to launch and offload
– Temperature logger memory capacity of approx. 8,000 readings (55 days @ 10 min intervals)
– Accurate to within 0.1°C (@ 37°C)
– Has resolution steps of 0.01°
– Accurate to 0.5% RH
– Registers shocks measuring 0.1 to 3G


Independent Over Temperature Alarm

A ‘normally active’ device that deactivates when an over-temperature condition occurs

– Removes mercury thermostats, making the incubation system a safer, more environmentally and employee-friendly system.
– Eliminates the need to transport replacement mercury thermostats.
– The complex electronic system is housed in a water-resistant box on top of the setter/hatcher. The electronic probe is fed through the roof of the incubator, usually in the same position as the present mercury thermostat.

OrAlarm: Hatchery Alarm Module

Increase security in your hatchery by adding the Hatchery Alarm OrAlarm Module to the Maestro Communication System

– Connects the user to the hatchery at all times
– Uses a dialer and a phone line connection to notify the user for alarms as configured by the user
– Centrally located ‘always on’ remote screen increases security and overall awareness of the alarms

Egg Transport

SST Egg Transport System – Transport twice as many eggs from farm to hatchery

The self-stacking tray (SST) transport system doubles the amount of eggs that a typical transport vehicle can carry from the farm to the hatchery. It is compatible with all Jamesway Incubator/Farm Racks, and the eggs in the SST flats can also be palletized for maximum transport capacity.

Break Glass system

Protect your valuable chicks

The Break Glass system gives you the assurance that your hatcher will do everything it can to protect your valuable chicks for as long as possible while it waits for your team to fix the problem.

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