Hubbard Pedigree

14 June 2021
Category: News
Hendrix Opening – Grand Island, Nebraska

Jamesway Chick Master Incubator Inc. extends congratulations to the Hubbard Pedigree Operations in Walpole, New Hampshire, where a $20 million upgrade for broiler/breeder R &D is in process.

With strict adherence to biosecurity and technology, the company’s existing properties are being upgraded to a state-of-the-art facility where they will be using the latest genomic research and technology to ensure their breeder birds are of the highest quality.

JCMI is pleased to have been selected to supply the machines in which these valuable embryos will be nurtured. We are serious about our responsibility in ensuring quality incubation for the next generations of breeding stock and have been working for many years to develop the best small units for these important breeder eggs. The installation of P10 Platinum machines will be complete this year.

Jamesway’s recently introduced P10 machines have been specifically developed for the care of breeder embryos and are notable in that they can serve as setters or hatchers.

Lucas Harrington, Hubbard Director of Pedigree Operations in Walpole and I are very pleased with the Hatch results and livability we are getting from this new equipment” Roberto C. Avila, Director of Hatcheries

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