The new 360 service – a complete solution for Jamesway Platinum and J Series machines. 360 provides immediate insight into the performance of your machines and hatchery systems as well as remote access to live data anywhere, anytime!


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• Enable the power of cloud computing with automated backup and off site storage.
• Securely forward your Hatchcom data through the Connect server to the 360 cloud.
• One-way communication for data security.


• Remotely access live incubation data from anywhere in the world.
• Module feeds real time information into Maintain 360 for accurate machine usage calculations
• Enable graphing and usage reporting


• Build a dynamic maintenance program with full service history and customizable checklists.
• Easily identify spare parts and manage stock inventories.
• Upload HVAC, automation, and 3rd party equipment to keep service records and manage parts for your entire facility.


• Track your eggs journey through your facility from farm to order to optimize production.
• Generate reports with historical flock and machine results.
• Visualize set and transfer patterns with trolley mapping.

Guided Diagnostics

• Modernize hatchery maintenance and lower learning curve for employees.
• Easily identify and troubleshoot machine issues.
• Reduce unwanted downtime.

Now Available: 360 Lite

The 360 Lite modules allow for all your hatchery assets to be uploaded to the cloud. This includes legacy Jamesway, Chick Master, and third party machines, along with automation and HVAC equipment. Without the Connect server and live data, we are able to overcome the obstacle of incompatible machine controls.

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360 Subscription Details

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